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Software Design Pattern

Main Principles:- KISS (Keep it simple & Stupid) SOLID Design Principles Regular Expression   Twelve-Factor App methodology YAGNI (You Ain't Gonna Need It) principle Inversion of Control (IoC) Law of Demeter: The principle of Least knowledge (only use one dot). Composition over inheritance Creational Patterns ( design patterns that involve instantiating concrete objects.) :- Factory:- a pattern that delegates concrete instantiation to a method of a subclass. Dependency Injection:- Xamarin.Forms How Xamarin Handle Multiple Platform In One Code? Dependency Injection & Service Locator Example Builder. Lazy Initialization. Prototype :- Uses it when creating an instance of a given class is either expensive or complicated. Examples:- Copy, DeepCopy of an object Singletone:- Best Implementation For Singleton Design Pattern Repository :- usually in the m