Software Design Pattern

  • Structural Patterns (design patterns that describe how objects are connected to one another.) :-
    • Adapter:-
      • a design pattern that connects two incompatible interfaces by fitting between them and providing a compatible interface to both.
      • Example
    • Bridge (abstraction++):-
      • decouple an abstraction from its implementation
    • Composite:-
    • Decorator (Wrapper):-
      • the decorator pattern is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an individual object, dynamically, without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class.
      • Attaches additional responsibilities to an object dynamically.
      • Provide a flexible alternative to sub-classing for extending functionality.
      • Example:
    • Facade:-
      • a design pattern that involves encapsulating a complex system in a simple interface.
    • Flyweight:-
      • A space optimization technique that lets us use less memory by storing externally the data associated with similar objects.
      • Use it when one instance of a class can be used to provide virtual instances.
      • Save memory.
    • Front Controller.
    • Marker.
    • Proxy
    • Twin
    • Anti-Corruption Layer:-

  • Behavioral Patterns (design patterns that focus on how objects distribute work.):-
    • Blackboard.
    • Chain of responsibility:-
    • Command:-
    • Interpreter:-
      • Compiler
      • Business Rule Engine
    • Iterator.
    • Mediator:-
      • a behavioral pattern in which a central object coordinates the activities of many objects.
      • For Example: Chat room, Broker 
    • Null Object.
    • Observer:-
      • a behavioural pattern for event handling.
    • Publish / Subscribe 
    • Servant.
    • State:-
      • a behavioural pattern for handling requests taking into account the current state of the object.
    • Strategy(aka Policy pattern):-
      • a class behavior or its algorithm can be changed at run time.
      • Instead of using inheritance, you can use behavior interface variable and add setter to those variables.  
    • Rule Design Pattern:-
      • Most popular example is "Discount example".
    • Template Method:-
    • Visitor:-
      • Use it when you want to add capabilities to a a composite of objects and encapsulation is not important.
    • Memento:-
      • provides the ability to restore an object to its previous state.
      • Examples:-
        • Undo, Restore.
    • Provider Pattern :- create pluggable components.
    • Context object Design Pattern
    • Unit of Work Pattern: usually work with repository pattern to apply set of actions on each CURD operation.

  • Concurrency Patterns:-
    • Active Object. (Actor, Concurrent Object) - Behavioural patter.
    • Balking.
    • Block Chain.
    • Double-Checked Locking.
    • Event-based asynchronous.
    • Join
    • Lock.
    • Monitor Object.
    • Reactor.
    • Read-Write Lock.
    • Scheduler.
    • Thread Pool.
    • Task-based asynchronous:-
      • await/ async

  • Data Access Patterns:-
    • Repository pattern
    • Unit of work
    • Lazy load

  • Transaction Patterns:-
    • Outbox pattern

  • SOA Patterns:-
    • Canonical model:-
      • used to communicate between different data formats.

  • Distributed & Scalable Design Patterns/ Algorithms:-
    • Enterprise Service Bus ESB
    • Microservices Design Patterns:-
      • Domain Driven Development
      • Aggregator:-
        • a service that receives a request, then makes requests of multiple services, combines the results and responds to the initiating request.
        • Three ways to implement aggregator:-
          • Scatter Gather Pattern
          • Chained Pattern:-
            • slower pattern than scatter gather pattern.
          • Branch Pattern
      • Proxy
      • Circuit Breaker
      • Materialized View Pattern
    • Domain Driven Design
    • Saga Pattern
    • Transactional Outbox Pattern
    • 2PC: Two-phase commit protocol:-
      • Mainly depends on transaction coordinator, which response for commit/rollback.
    • ServiceMesh

  • Network Design Patterns:-
    • DMZ

  • K8S Multi-Container Design Patterns:-
    • Sidecar pattern:-
      • eg. file puller
    • Ambassador pattern:-
      • eg. proxy server.
    • Adapter pattern:-
      • Transform the application output standardize/ normalized it for aggregation.


Head First Design Patterns: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software 2nd Edition
COMP9054: Software Architecture & Design
SOFT8025 - Scalable Microservices

Last update: 20240420


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